Feeling Blue? Come take a sip.
With Black Out Distillery’s new gin taster set, inspired by the classic photographic process of cyanotypes, you can drink the blues away while making an art piece to turn that rough day into a good night.
Experiment with dandelion gin, rhubarb gin, or grapefruit gin, all of which are rich with the botanical flavors that were handcrafted, distilled, and bottled at our small-batch brewery in Montpelier, Vermont. Three bottles, 750 ml each, of gin that is 40% alcohol by volume will go a long way to curing your woes.
Upon purchase, you might notice that our charming bookshelf-style stand is birch with a cyanotype print directly on the wood. When you open the drawer, you will see that our taster, in addition to three handcrafted bottles of gin, comes with cyanotype paper and an instructional booklet to match the flat bottles, which resemble books on the shelf.
The clear labels on the bottles can be used to reflect light onto the papers through the beautiful halftone images on the front and create cyanotype posters of your own! The bottles slot perfectly into the drawers sideways to create the ideal craftstation for your cyanotype needs. Upon completion of the exposure, the papers can be rinsed clean and hung to dry on the drying station that is built into the  backside of the bookshelf.
Even after the gin is long gone, the posters can live on as a reminder of fun times.
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