The Hilariously Scathing Party Game
Unleash your wit and humor with “Stamp of Disapproval,” a riotous card game that’s all about quick thinking and clever insults! Get ready to dish out the disapproval with our unique rubber stamp handle—choose your theme and let the stamping begin!
With five punny editions (sweet, sour, hot, bitter, and hungry), Stamp of Disapproval can satisfy whatever you are craving! The flavors, represented by the objects sculpted into the stamp handles featured in each box, are accompanied by cards that relate thematically. 
The product is brightly colored, with a thick chipboard box printed with a soft matte finish, a glossy sculpted handle, containing a novelty rubber stamp, themed cards, an ink pad, and blank whiteboard cards. The bottom of the box displays what stamp you are getting to go with your edition.
How to play:
• Select Your Theme: Pick from one of five editions, each featuring a unique
stamp and cards!
• Draw the Cards: Pick a judge to read out questions or prompts from the
themed cards.
• Write Your Response: Use the included board to jot down your most
scathing responses.
• Stamp  Disapproval: The player with the least favorite answer receives a stamp from the judge.
• First to Five Loses: Collect five stamps to lose the game, but win laughter
and a fun time!
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