While studying in Lacoste, France, with limited available resources, I discovered a company called Puyricard. A famous chocolatier with family origins, Puyricard now has 21 boutiques, with the first being in Provenciql Puyricard. The company is best known for its holiday chocolate boxes, which are shipped internationally due to their popularity. Using what I had at my disposal, I designed and produced a promotional book for the company.
With gourmet prices, the target audience for this brand is women aged 20 to 60, particularly those affluent, educated and socially involved, as this demographic buys the most luxury chocolate as gifts.
The nature of chocolate gift--giving creates the perfect opportunity to make a promotional book/ box of chocolates celebrating the rich history of the Puyricard company, which began in the 1950s.
With 45% of the companies turnover taking place in December, Puyricard offers several varieties of gift boxes. Their most common consumer is affluent women aged 20 to 60 seeking gifts for friends, as well as dedicated customers with memberships. With hand-molded chocolates making up 70% of Puyricard’s inventory, their consumers seek high-quality, carefully produced products and packaging.
To appeal to this audience, I employed a winter color palette (blue, sepia, gold, and white) while using tempting, feminine illustrations to extend the increase in sales through February for Valentines Day, as well as hand-binding the book, which will also act as the box for the chocolates.
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